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Hi everyone,

I've been in the process of thinking and creating a new name and look for London Live.

I was looking for suggestions of names, and I created a page in the Requests section.

I was originally going to call it 'play' and was inspired by Play UK.

I wanted to link the two together.

But then I thought of 'made tv' because there are existing local TV channels that have the Made brand, but also because my former Visual teacher started his own organisation called 'made - make a difference entertainment', which creates orginal programming, which is made in London.

So, I put those two together and 'made tv' was born.

'Proper Local TV.'

The designs for made tv are below!

Thoughts. feedback and criticism welcome.


Break Bumper (Could also be used for an ident)


Promotional Material that could be played on London Live, the day before they cease transmission


Launch day screen, with made tv 'play' DOG in the top left corner


#GoodbyeLondonLive // #HelloMadeTV - A Cheeky break bumper Wink

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If ‘Made’/‘Made TV’ is a local TV channel for London, the branding should make this clear. What you’ve produced certainly isn’t awful, but it doesn’t link to London at all. A local TV channel should have a sense of relevancy and immediacy, which ‘London Live’ has more than the name you’ve chosen. You’ve also said the channel is called ‘Made TV’, but the logo gives the impression it’s simply called ‘Made’.

I think there’s definitely potential here, but the mock needs a lot more consideration.
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