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TV Forum - fictional topic image: what to correct?

I can understand that something is wrong, but what? (November 2009)

German Rudnev
For Network Six forum, I made the image for fictional topic discussed over there, about now-owned by my company NI franchise emerald1. It was rather quick, so I want to ask: what to correct?
I know already that the topic with about 400 posts cannot be fit into 208 pages, but are there any mistakes?

And here's this 'mock' (well, not - it's like an ident remix and the genuine ident compared):
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It looks fine.
Pete Founding member STV North Reporting Scotland
I am confused
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As am I, I have absolutley no idea what you're saying. I see no difference.
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chris Granada North West Today
I think he/she's created a fictional topic for TV Forum and wants to check to see if it looks authentic.

I wouldn't know the difference in my opinion.
German Rudnev
Probably I didn't outline this, so...

1) As a part of preparing to take over fictional Network Six franchise, I decided to show that it's discussing somewhere , such as here. As posting the real topic on fictional franchise on real TV-related forum would be overkill , so, I decided to 'mock' it as the picture. (And somehow it was a challenge - e.g. that spacing that italics always made there, such as this .

2) As it was done rather quick , I feel it has some things which make it un-authentic , such as '400 posts on 200 pages' and on, so, I shared this mock to ask are there any things which are wrong .

3) I'm male . Name: German (Latin: 'warrior', 'German' (as nation)). Surname: Rudnev .
The text tracking or font looks wrong.
You should have just used Firebug - - to change the text.

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