Colm (previously Col) Anglia (West) Look East (West sub-opt)
I'm impressed with this; you are getting the mix of old-school and modern right, the title sequence, I find, is also a nice nod to the 1973 pop-art sequence, and big numbers are a true hallmark of the 90s style you're aiming for... and you're bringing together a coherent style.

The only things I'd consider tweaking are:

Arrow As you've used visuals of it among the title sequences, perhaps keep the classic TOTP logo as your main one, but updated - the creative team, I reckon, did a great job doing this with the neon variant seen on the last Christmas editions

Arrow To match more closely the vapourwave aesthetic, I'd perhaps play around a bit with the theme tune, a "chopped and screwed" effect might work, and could appeal more to a younger, impressionable audience

Arrow Maybe use a different font for your graphics - while Eurostile Expanded is an inspired and excellent choice; to me, it's the font used for most of CD:UK's run - I associate TOTP with setting/reflecting trends rather than being "follow the leader"

Hope you find my thoughts useful, and cheers for sharing your talent with us all.