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Created this little mess about whilst bored in lockdown... if the BBC was to bring back TOTP - it should have a 'on trend' look whilst also linking to its history and legacy.

The design includes retro bits such as BBC logo's of yesteryear and the iconic TOTP logo.

A fresh set of titles for TOTP with throwbacks to the past, but with a modern feel.

It's fast paced and edgy and has a retro 90s feel with icons from TOTP heritage and stock footage.

Lemme know what you think or how it could improve.

Link description here
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DeMarkay876 posts since 29 Oct 2015
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Welcome to TV Forum, and what a way to introduce yourself!

I like it a lot, although I would reduce the size of the text. I would love to see some closing credits, more lower thirds and the end board.

Great work.
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I like it a lot, especially the throwbacks to old BBC in the first few seconds of the titles, like what DeMarkay said, maybe shrink the text a bit. I’d also revive the classic 1973-1986 logo full time as that would contribute to your theme, although the music fits well with the your throwback theme which I love too.

9.5/10 Smile
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I like it but the fast-paced nature may affect photosensitive viewers, although there could be a warning for this which could then allow for better lighting in the show itself. Apart from that, I'd love to see more of this.
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A very nice look for the video and brilliant editing skills. As Brekkie mentioned the cigarettes would have to be replaced and some images may be a little scary for younger viewers such as heads/skulls pulling apart. Image choices aside you have demonstrated how the current 80s trend in music styles could be expressed visually creating an up to date look for the programme.
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