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TC7 Recreation-Newsnight

There's a not so secret hate for inaccurate studio mocks here, but this one is actually accurate. (December 2012)

dg6 West Country (West) Spotlight
Thank you very much for the great responses! Smile

Chris: I was unsure about the desks; the reference pictures I found weren't of great quality, so I'm going to have to do more research and compare shots to try and get the right size Very Happy

Hopefully by the time TC7 has been on screen for the last time, I'll have a couple more photos Smile
DTV Meridian (South) South Today
Very Very Good.
Just Two Niggles that haven't already been noted.
1 - The Backdrop. I know there are no good quality Backdrop Shots so not your fault.
2 - The Baking Trays - The Edge isn't raised and I think the bottom looks a bit too far up.

Apart from that Very Well Done. 4.99999/5
the eye World News
These are fantastic, if those fake people weren't in them then I'd be convinced they were real. Awesome work. Smile

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