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'Sunday Live' is a brand new Live Magazine Show for Sunday Morning on ITV with guest hosts each week.
It is a spin-off of 'This Morning' and will be filmed in Studio 8 at the London Studios or Television Centre in White City, West London with different branding, a slightly altered set and will broadcast in the same time slot as This Morning [10:30am - 12:30pm]

The show will feature the following items:
- Showbiz and Gossip
- Cookery
- House and Home
- Fashion
- Live News and Weather Updates from ITV News and Regional News
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- The design is pretty dull and bland for the kind of show you say this is for
- Grey is a terrible colour, especially to wake up to on a Sunday morning
- Greg James' name isn't aligned with "Showbiz With," and I can't decide whether "Sunday Live" is centre of the box
- We'd all like ITV's credit guidelines to be thrown out the window, but... yeah
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Sometimes I think it might be worth disabling the ability to edit your posts after, say, ten minutes or so. Won't stop the external pics being deleted mind you.

I'll repeat what I said here - "If you're going to get upset when somebody says your creations are crap then I fear you shouldn't be posting them at all" - with an addendum that deleting them after somebody says they're crap is a big copout. Either stand by what you post and take all the flak or don't post it at all.
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I can only echo what the others have said but it is really frustrating to see mocks of yours reguarly edited to the extent that you don't really have any idea what the mock is. The 'edit' feature can be used to update the post but just deleting it when you are unhappy about what others say about it is not really helpful from your point of view as someone looking to improve your design. If you are not 100% happy with mock then I might suggest you refrain from posting until you have got it to a place where you are proud of what you have done, then post it and use the feedback you get (even if it is mostly negative) and you learn from this feedback. It also means that you've got a record of how your mocks have progressed and can hopefully see an improvement the more you do.
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You’ve deleted two out of the three mocks you’ve done. I saw your original post and I’ll agree with the point that it was a bit dull. All you posted was a title card, two versions of a coming up menu and the endboard, you need to spend more time on developing a wider range of graphics, Name straps, backgrounds, etc. You say ‘Sunday Live’ is a spin-off Of ‘This Morning’, depending on how uniform you want the two shows to be, why don’t you start by doing a very basic recreation of the TM graphics (just to get a feel for the layout and how things fit on-screen). You can then change things such as the colour pallet or the shape, brand details (e.g. the blue and gold ‘ribbons’ could be changed for a different shape, to make Sunday Live stick out from This Morning but still create a uniform look).

Don’t be disheartened if you get bad feedback, I personally believe when you start posting mocks, the poster believes their work is the best thing ever, but most of the time is proven wrong and get negative feedback, resulting in the poster being quite sad or quitting without giving it a go, keep going and over time you learn to accept the feedback and you eventually develop a mock that you expect to see on TV, even I admit that the first mocks I made were quite poor, but I stayed at it and put a lot of time into creating new mocks which get good feedback, I still get negative ones, but they’re there to help you out. Be persistent, the edit button doesn’t mean ‘erase’.
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