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Two questions for you Rhys.

1. What font is used in the AM Logo, tickers, etc.?

2. Do more Slash TV/AM and others, please?

Please reply

The font is called Montserrat. I would link a site for you to download it here but I can't find any that will work for me at the moment.

To answer your second question, I have some general pres that I have been working on for Slash TV and may upload here soon.
HTV Wales Wales Today
- Redesigned graphics
- More in line with Slash brand
- Includes new custom font
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Clock & Flipper(?) are outside of safe areas (+ half of it is unreadable).
I tried to think of something funny to put here, but I can't think of anything, so you can read this to the end and then realise you have just wasted 10 seconds of your life. You're welcome.
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The safe areas aren't as much of an issue here as the very first post said this concept was an online thing, not for broadcast on a TV.

That being said yellow and white do not a good combination make, as it's unreadable.

Can I introduce you to the colour wheel aka this:

Which I have taken from here to give it its credit.

As a general rule, use one colour from the bottom for the background and one colour from the top of the wheel for the text, or vice versa (if you must). Ideally use colours opposite each other on the wheel but generally if they're either side of opposite you'll usually get away with it.
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The graphics are now readable which is a good thing. At the moment though, the issue with them is that they are still fairly unrealistic and I can't really imagine any channel using these graphics.

I would focus on what is actually important to the viewer, probably the 'Trump protests' and '10,000 people showed...' bits are the most important things on the screen to the viewer and as a result need to stand out. I don't think what you've done with highlighting around the outside of most of the boxes looks very modern and I would remove it. I'd also get rid of the 'Download the Slash 7 App' bit as I really don't think it needs to be on the screen all the time, and I feel that it is too large (both in terms of the font size and also the size of the box that you've used). Finally, I'd move away from the use of slanted boxes, and instead focus on the use of squares and/or circles as the more minimalist approach seems to be what is favoured by most channels at the moment and makes it all look a bit more sharp. If you look at graphics of various breakfast shows around the world, it might help to give you some inspiration:

Good Morning Britain:

Today (US):

Good Morning America (US):

Sunrise (Australia):
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Well it's an improvement but there's still some fundamental issues:
- The Logo seems to change everytime you post an update, choose a logo and stick with it! The previous logos were one of the only things that weren't criticised so don't bother changing it.
- The sizings seem totally out, especially the tag on top of the strap which is very large. Also there's a lot of dead space between the ticker and the straps and to the right of the strap where there is also nothing useful.
If you sort a few of those bits out it should make it a bit better although it is developing!