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Sky One After Dark

A late night plug from 11pm to 5am. Contains dark programmes (dark comedy etc.)

J. Lyric
He's right with all of that.

Also, apologies for the age comment - that's my bad for wanting to go deep Razz
boredom makes you do things
brioalex Central (East) East Midlands Today

Sky One After Dark would be a late night plug-in from 11pm to 5am. It shows the most darkest shows, meaning dark humour and the like. I took insparation from UKTV Gold After Dark and thought, why not do it to all the other channels too? Sky One After Dark would be the only channel on the Sky network with a after dark plug-in (for now.) Didn't take too long, but will provide more info on it soon.

Welcome to gallery! Thanks for your first contribution. It's an interesting concept for sure but the mock itself is quite poor. Have a look around at other users gallery posts to see how ideas are showcased. You don't need professional software to create a great mock, go back and try creating something a little more polished. I hope the comments on this thread don't put you off from trying again it's great to see new users turning their hand at creating designs for the gallery!
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I see the rest of the Sky logo with light mode
You lot using dark mode?
Get down to Complico for complicated deals!
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I see the rest of the Sky logo with light mode
You lot using dark mode?


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