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Sky One After Dark (2)

A late night plug from 11pm to 5am. Contains dark programmes (dark comedy etc.) (November 2020)

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Alfie Mulcahy
Everything is just off. The 'one' text should be larger and in the centre of the box. The logo is too pixelated. The boxes are really misaligned as well.

I'd recommend the guide to mocking and looking at some of the better mocks for inspiration.
I see what you're trying to do here.

But I agree with everyone here, it's a mess, the Sky One logo just looks wrong, the text is looks out of place everywhere, the aspect ratio is off as well...I don't know if you used the Screen Guides either.

My advice, make it cleaner in every prospect, that includes the logo and the text, use the correct aspect ratio which is 16:9 and the minimum res you can aim for here, is 1920 in Width and 1080 height...or you can push on higher with 2560x1440 or 4K (3420x2160), use more up to date fonts...and use the Screen Guides, that would stop the imagery from being cut out if it was actually view on Television.

It's simple really.
I literally only gave this a "Poor" because the only things I find annoying are the lack of colors (just take the sky one logo and lower the saturation a bit) and the freaking "one" (once again, sky one logo less saturation). I do like the concept though.

EDIT: like this
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