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A flatter design (November 2013)

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bilky asko
A lovely mock! Would love to see further versions of this, just one thing, the title text, to me, doesnt look lined up with the caption text below it, is this deliberate?

That'll be your eyes. Because the "C" in the headlines in the first two images is curved, it looks misaligned to the letters below; this is accentuated by the size difference. If it were a design of something with static text, then a cheat in the alignment to make it look correct to the eye would be the best solution. However, a news channel's graphics aren't usually kerned, so such visual oddities occur.
Brilliant, its simple but effective and the captions and stories are very witty, gave me a laugh. Laughing
Always use the SKY News Font in Bold when continuing this mock, since it has to stand out!
Looks good - a nice tidy up of what they have now, which with no big revamp seemingly on the horizon is what they need. Wish they would change the titles too - they used to be quite epic in the globe days, but now look cheap and so out of place when reporting on big news stories like the typhoon.
I really like this, a definite improvement on the Current Graphics. One point though please get rid of the additional right hand news boxes - It looks good on paper but on TV it's just distracting and annoying.

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