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PATV Scunthorpe Yorkshire Look North (E.Yorks & Lincs)
Absolutely outstanding work. My only suggestions would be to reduce the use of dark blue, particularly on the wipes. To my mind it looks a little outdated when used with red, but the animation and general design is perfect. I’d also suggest considering something else for the TOTH titles, I’d like to see something different to the current website/app sequence. Maybe something making use of Sky Central (like the VR used during the Election Coverage?). Particularly like the astons, and the use of the glassy, zoomed in ‘bar’ is very clever.

With the red and dark blue, I am trying to bring back some of the colour which many talk about being lost since the 2015 rebrand.

I still quite like the current TOTH sequence, but I like the basis of what you’ve said, I could look at a storyboard sequence to something fitting your description, I have thought about if they added another camera outside the glass box and using AR to cover the set of screens at the entrance to the Sky Central, so I could include that, however as it’s a more ‘finished’ product, I’ll keep the current sequence during any other graphics videos.
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“Nostalgia’s cool, but it won’t help me now, the dream is good, if you don’t wear it out.”

12 days later

deryn STV Central Reporting Scotland
kudos to you love your work

21 days later

J. Lyric
Is it safe to say that this thread kind of predicted what happened a couple days ago?
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BiggieSMLZ Granada North West Today
Is it safe to say that this thread kind of predicted what happened a couple days ago?

Yeah, I think so.
Ahh, the joys of TV.
Mockah (previously Carlos13) Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I absolutely adore your work!
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