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Thanks for the comments guys, glad you're enjoying it Very Happy

Clear sign I'm spending too much time on this to be slightly overjoyed at getting this score...

Ah I've just noticed a bug in that screenshot. It didn't cost you anything to post that item out Smile I'll add that to the list for next update.

The next update should be quite a bit smaller in size - I managed to shave off about 80MB by compressing the studio renders more. There are some noticeable compression artefacts in places but should make it a bit easier to upload and download.

Had a play around of this and I am impressed DanielC!

In the early bid-up.tv blue graphics they sometimes showed a split of both the leaderboard and the bid again board with the arrow in the middle. This was before they added the yellow strap.

DId he even add the early Bid-Up.TV graphics?

The game has graphics from 2003/4 through to 2010. I did think about adding the earlier ones but decided to set it from when they had the yellow strap onwards.

If you need anyone else to test feel free to drop me a message! Did try to run it using an emulator on Mac but (as is really to be expected) it didn't start, because it couldn't change the screen resolution to the one it wanted to upon launch, like it would be able to on a PC.

That would be a great help, thanks! I'll try a couple of things then I'll drop you a message Smile

Keep getting 'error file corrupt, get new copy" when trying to install. Have downloaded various copies now.

Hmmm not sure why that's happening. I'll try uploading it to my google drive and send you the link in case it's some problem with the host.
DanielC50 posts since 19 Nov 2012
STV Central Reporting Scotland
Daniel, will you include the final price-drop and bid studios from 2010 and 2012 and the August 2011 graphics (the chevrons) in a future update?

Not entirely sure at the moment, not straight away as I'd like to spend some time getting a couple of unrelated projects further ahead, but maybe one day I'll put them in.
DanielC50 posts since 19 Nov 2012
STV Central Reporting Scotland
Thanks guys! Smile

However you should be expecting an email from my University lecturer about why I haven't done any work this weekend. The blame rests entirely at your feet.

Haha! Laughing Laughing

I am still very impressed with this. I spent last night on Speed Auction and getting excited like the auctioneer used get when somebody took over the current high bid on the leaderboard. Embarassed

Glad you're enjoying it! I kept on going back and forward to the rising auction simulation part - was never sure if I got the bidding speed right.
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The bidding system is works well. I've had occasions where it goes quiet for a long period then as i'm about to close the auction you get the odd one or two last minute callers, just like they used to on tv.