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Not sure if this idea has been canned or not but if Daniel is still interested, video footage has appeared on YouTube with graphics from the first set


might have become a back burner project so to speak as Daniel hasn't been on the forum since August last year.

Here's similar graphics in inverted colours but not sure where this fits in? Presumably since it now has a permanent P&P details its a later revision/adaption.

Hi guys! Not canned, just moving very very slowly Smile Yeah it has become a back burner project, but I still dip in and do a bit of work on it every now and then. Thanks for posting the footage of the old graphics, that'll be good reference!

I'm still keen to try to implement full 3D cameras/studios so I've been playing around with that recently:

This should hopefully allow some cool dynamic lighting effects like the flashing arrows in the early price-drop studios, and will make it easier to change the graphics on the screens.

It would be good to get an idea of what level of control you guys would like over the cameras. At the mo I'm thinking of the usual 12 'bookmark' angles with the camera moveable from those points, and an option for a few pre-defined camera animations.

One thing that's been mentioned a few times is a leaderboard system, so I've been having a think about that. It would probably be difficult to keep the scoring fair since there are so many variables between different auctions (price/quantity/guide etc), so I was thinking of some kind of 'campaign' system where it generates a pre-defined set of auctions and saves a score at the end. Just need to figure out how to implement it Very Happy

As before though I can't make any promises on when this'll be done I'm afraid.

Files for this are corrupted. Every time I try and download a new one, it continuously keeps saying the files are corrupted. Any ideas?

Sorry, just reading this now. Are you trying to download the PC or Mac version? I can upload the one you're after to my google drive to see if it lets you download from there, as it could be a problem with my web host.
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I am delighted to hear that you are still working on this, even if progress is slow. Regarding the cameras, I'm sure the 12 'bookmark' shots with a few pre-defined shots would be more than acceptable.

Do you by any chance have a working download link?
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When did they start using this clock? Was it around the time choice auctions were introduced?

If I remember correctly, that particular timer was introduced in 2009ish. Choice auctions were introduced in August 2007, and rarely - if ever - timed out until they upgraded their graphics software. You'll be able to tell the difference between the two sets of graphics - the pound sign is the same size as the pence on the newer version, whereas it's the same size as the pounds price on the older graphics.
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I think this was already suggested but would it be possible to include a colour palette so we can customize the colour of the graphics?
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I accidentally hit the reset button and all that mighty profit I made in the stats option since the release in 2016 has been erased! Can I get this back?
"623058 The whole thing has been a dump squirt."
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<Maurice Moss Alert>

It looks like the majority of the settings are in the registry but unless you have a recent backup of it, I don't see how you're going to get your profit back.

If you're happy to, you can open Regedit and go to (your S-1-5-21 numbers may vary):
ComputerHKEY_USERSS-1-5-21-2866704750-4002531433-3804933651-1001SoftwareOFF THE RAILS simulationsSit-Up Trio Simulator

The "TotalProfit" key is what you want but you won't be able to edit it in Regedit. You need to export the branch as a reg file then edit it in Notepad, then import it back. Changing it does affect the value in the software but I'm not entirely sure what you need to change it to in order to get to your original profit number if you can remember what it was.

It's far too late at night to be playing with it now but I have noticed that if you change the final hex figure downwards the profit figure drops dramatically. Changing the last but one pair by one in an upwards direction increases the figure. There will be a pattern to this I have no doubt, it appears to be a 32-bit hexadecimal number which presumably will only be able to hold up to a value of just over 2.1 billion anyway before it wraps round.

TL;DR - it may be recoverable. Not directly through the software but maybe through other means.

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