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This is my first post, so take it easy on me if this isn't in the right section or something


I've been wanting to create mocks for a while, and I've been following The Gallery without an account for a while now, but I'm struggling for ideas of what to create for my first mock. As per the 'Requests' section we have here for the TV Forum, how about a Requests thread for the Gallery, allowing people to ask for what they would like to see mocked up.

Of course, this might be a terrible idea Confused but I'm just putting it out there.
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This is a private message I received when I asked for help from MarkMCM

Practice practice practice is the best advice. The very first mock image I produced was back in 2001! Things definitely improve over time. If you're trying to mock an ident from a specific era, do your research. Look at actual designs, typefaces, colour schemes that were used at the time. A great site for typefaces used in the 60s, 70s and 80s is Fonts In Use:

Get yourself a decent art app (Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop I'd highly recommend), don't rush things - take your time designing and editing and ONLY release it into the public domain once you're really happy with the result. Could you imagine your design being used on TV? Be ruthless, if something doesn't look right, go back and edit.

You may or may not remember a mocks site I ran many years ago called APFS. There's an archived version here. All pages work (except for the Forum):

Have a look at the galleries here and also in the Contributors section - loads of great ideas (some visually executed wonderfully, others creatively well-written). Get inspired, get mocking!


( Note to mods. It might be a good idea to make this a sticky
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