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Reithifying the Regions

A BBC English Regions mock (bare with me!) (June 2019)

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Mike W
This is a W.I.P obviously, taking on board the remarks about changing the fonts, I gave Serif a go... I kind of like it.

I think the blue can work for World News America
The 'slide up' and gradient on the BBC News Box really doesn't work.

Neither does the gradient logo or the wipe.

Having said that, I like the colour scheme and the globe.

Solid work.
Mike W

So here's the latest update, closer to a full title sequence however still quite far off having the finished product. The opening shot's direction I like however some of the graphic elements aren't quite where I want them.
I quite like what you’re doing but I’m struggling to assess it properly because the music appears 1/2 second out of sync. It’s quite the distraction.
Rexogamer and MrDexB gave kudos

119 days later

i'm a beginner on mocks is it easy to do all that?
Mike W
i'm a beginner on mocks is it easy to do all that?

Once you know what you're doing in AfterEffects achieving something similar to or on brand for BBC News is easy. Think about CC Sphere and how that could be used.

Then just mix and match and see what you could come up with..

Might be easier in Cinema4D or 3DS Max but I'm no good with them!

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