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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Hi Alfie,
I don't think I commented on the original version of this so here's my view.
- The ITN logo at the top left is far too big. Have you tried making it smaller or having a translucent logo instead?
- The openers/headlines are just a carbon copy of BBC News. Try and come up with something original. They also look much more modern than the rest of your graphics like the L3s. Think about the fonts aswell, the font you've used for the openers only crops up in a couple of places - does it fit with the rest of the brand.
- I like the clock face backgrounds and the OTS graphic, that one looks nice.
- Everything is just a bit too big, maybe underlay the current ITV News or GMB graphics and work out your sizes based on them.
It's not a bad effort, we've seen considerably worse in the Gallery but I think it could be a lot tidier.
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HTV Wales Wales Today
To be honest you've taken a step back rather than a step forward. The new headlines are clearly a copy of the BBC and not sure if you've begun using Reith for other elements but it comes across as a cheap copy. I'd avoid script fonts personally.
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Meridian (South East) South East Today
Based on feedback and its BBC copy cat-ness I have redesigned the headline openers.

Main stories of the day:
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Sports Stories:

Specific bigger story (Coronavirus.. What else)

I also made the lower and upper thirds smaller and altered sizes of other elements.
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