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Recreating the 2000 BBC World titles

Split from BBC News nostalgia, including BBC World

J. Lyric
JM-D posted:
Did you end up completing the full mock of the opening titles?

It's definitely still in the works! Been a bit busy the last couple of weeks but it is getting there – here's a (rough) gif from the first scene in progress:


This looks promising... Smile
Boredom makes you do things.
jonO and AlfieMulcahy gave kudos
Spot on so far! I can barely tell the difference at all!

Same! Apart from the HD quality - bit different from 1999! haha

14 days later

AlexEdohHD13 London London
Please make the full mock. Would love to see it.
Part of the ITV Network, This is Granada. At 6.30pm

130 days later

RSTV New member Tyne Tees Look North (E.Yorks & Lincs)
Id Like To See A Logoless Copy
J. Lyric
RSTV posted:
Id Like To See A Logoless Copy

Lay off the guy. He's probably been working hard on this, and you asking for a "logo-less copy" diminishes it a bit.
Boredom makes you do things.

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