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This is my first mock on this account, as I can't gain access to my old account (TVMocks57) .

I noticed when watching Question Time that the set, titles and graphics were still using Gill Sans, so I decided to bring the new BBC Reith font and a new set of bright blue and purple colours to the programme.

Here is the new logo:

I wanted a brighter set of colours so chose a light blue, a sky blue and a hint of purple. The logo itself has an inner shadow in purple. I think the question mark in the background adds something to it, I don't know, I just like it.

Here is the new lower thirds:


I stuck with the colour scheme, in the image uploaded itself the set is in the original colours, which doesn't do it justice. I kept the question mark and made sure to stick with the 'headline in serif, info in sans' 'rule' from BBC News.

Here is the panelist list:


Here I use a darker indigo blue as I felt the purple and sky blue was too hard to read and being overused. I stayed consistent by overlapping the panelists' names with the question mark.

Here is the end slide:


The end slide is different to most end slides with just the production company and channel as it has the URL for the show which I feel is much more informative. A lighter purple is used here, as I couldn't decide which one looked better so mixed them.

Here are the opening titles:

These are probably the weakest part of the rebrand, I struggled as I don't have Adobe After Effects. I like the idea of the titles, with the location names being included and also the name of the host. I also feel the dramatic speed of the titles fits with the iconic theme music.

I hope you like my first (proper as my other was terrible) mock and I look forward to receiving feedback!

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Granada North West Today
I feel the colours are very bright for the programme, considering that it is broadcast at 10.35pm, much in the way I am blinded if I ever try to watch ITV2. The text seems oversized in some places, especially the Panelist list, and the Question lower third would most likely not fit the question.

However, the mix of Serif and Sans works well, and the difference in weight helps to differentiate the emphasis well.
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