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Paul O Grady Show Set

Set Design (November 2013)

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Here is a design for 'The Paul 'O Grady Show' set, the idea and concept of the design is based on his Lilly Savage persona of boldness, campness and over the top design. Zebra print is a main theme along with glossy blacks and clinical whites.

Although the set has been built in a computer game, it really is flexible to design and build allsorts after all its about creativity not the tools used.

So enough rambling... here goes...

Full Set

Entrance & Guest Entrance

Interview Area:

View to Studio Audience

Performance Area

Feedback and what you like about the design and what you think could be improved would be appreciated.
Looks like this was designed in Sims.....

Would be more suitable for the Lilly Savage Show than the Paul O'Grady Show.
bilky asko
It's misproportioned to an unrealistic level, the colour scheme is far too garish, it appears to be lit entirely by disco balls, and it's rendered poorly. In its favour, it does seem to have some relevance to the show.

5/5 for the lighting alone...
Not a huge fan of it but respect for doing something a little bit different here.

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