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This is my first 'new programme' concept mock. Hope this goes down better than my previous mock Smile

'On The Weekend' is a brand new LIVE morning show on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 - 9am, shown on ITV. The show will be hosted by two GMB presenters, rotating every week. The show is of similar format to Good Morning Britain, however less focused on news (except for breaking news) and includes celebrity interviews and also something GMB is well-known for, debates. Also in the set there will be an area for music performances from artists too.

The show will be filmed at Television Centre in TC2 meaning in summer outside filming would be possible. As for graphics, I aimed for a turquoise, blue-y colour scheme, which still has similarities with the GMB lower 3rds, but without the 'news programme' feel.

P.S. Apologies that my graphics are only still images, I'm not great at motion graphics.

The main logo:

The lower thirds:

Live interviews when guest not in studio:

Today's show (the black background would be video from the studio):

I like that idea, but the text on the lower thirds is a little too big in my opinion
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Hi again, I have taken onboard feedback from TVLand and produced an animated "TODAY'S SHOW" menu. It's not perfect, but as said, I think it gives a clearer idea of how the menu would work. I used the split screen image as a background and inserted videos of Roman Kemp and Dua Lipa and animated them in sync with each item, giving presenters 10-15 seconds to talk about each menu item. Then there is the "Xmas Deals" item which animates on however with no image/video then the time of the item animates below it. I hope you feel this is an improvement and gives a clear insight into the motion of the menu.

In addition, I changed smaller things such as the sunrise logo not being as tall as other boxes in the split screen, the coming up box not being easily readable, and I have also made a second example of the lower thirds to illustrate how they are adaptable, with the "SHOWBIZ" box changing to "LIFESTYLE" to show how the size doesn't need to be adjusted as the only text going in there would be concise things (i.e. debates, lifestyle, news).


I hope you feel this is another improvement on this mock Smile
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This is the sort of project where you need someone to come along and take your vision and turn it into something that actually works on screen. At first sight it is easy to criticise and it is all a bit Mocks 1.0, but fine tuned it actually could work and those elements which we question now once refined could actually be a defining part of the look - in a good way.
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