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I took a quick look at the Media Spy website and it appears a member banned on here went over there to post his Daybreak mocks, and then ripped off a mock Mr Q posted on here and claimed it as his own!

For what it's worth, as I think I admitted at the time of publishing those mocks, my inspiration for that shape was the then design for Australian ABC's '7.30' programme. So I certainly wouldn't claim any great innovation in printing a word over a curved shape. However, *if* my mocks inspired somebody else, I am only flattered by it - not offended. (I would also point out that it's not the first time this issue has come up. A previous discussion on this website noted the striking similarity between Ireland's Nuacht TG4 design and a mock I'd earlier done for BBC News.)

More importantly though, the focus of this thread - this mock is simply stunning. Really impressed, and I'd love to see these ideas adopted by Ten. Or any broadcaster, frankly.