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I'm not trying to top Lambie Nairn with this "mock", so spare your critiques. (I stress, THIS ISN'T A MOCK. I'm asking if anybody thinks an "outdated" logo would more up to date if it were tweaked.)

I've always been fond of the 1989 ITV logo, but I know many considered it old-fashioned by the time it was replaced. I figured most of it was down to the serif-esque lettering (and maybe the lines in the V but that's for another discussion) so I went to see what it'd look like if all the edges were filed down and straightened to make the logo a little more streamlined...


I always thought the 1989 logo gave ITV a much stronger and confident image than its successors and it's a shame so many logos even outside of broadcasting seem to try and come across as friendly as possible. Does anybody think this version would pass today? Or is ITV too "soft and friendly" for capital letters nowadays?
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Sorry to hijack the thread, but it's 5am and I'm suffering with my usual bout of insomnia that comes with working late shifts.... so I had a stab at this concept myself armed only with Powerpoint and a lack of imagination...er... I mean a passion for simple design.

Inspired by HTV 1993, I put a gap between the letters and made the V its own character, reversed and increased the white gaps.


Then for a bit of a laugh I tried to recreate a 1998 hearts ident template to see if the logo would scale. Limitations of Powerpoint aside, it does, just. Perhaps less gaps in the V....

(EDIT: did this from memory without looking up the actual idents, and realised I've got the colours wrong. Meh.)


Not interested in feedback, just a wee contribution.