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Mix of Set/Studio Designs

Big Brother, News Studio and a TV Complex (November 2013)

jordy Granada North West Today
Found some old screenshot files on my computer from designs I made a few months ago so thought I would share them with you, there a 3 sets.

Set 1:
A Recreation of The Big Brother House

Set 2:
A Design for a TV Complex/HQ

Set 3:
A News Studio and newsroom Design that could be used for any broadcaster.

thought you would all appreciate this, didn't know were else to post.

Smile Enjoy.
AJ London London
These are excellent. From your flickr username, I gather they're made in The Sims?

Any chance of making them available to download?
jordy Granada North West Today
Thanks pal and It would be difficult as there's lots of mods and custom content in it so it would be a huge file.
MatthewFirth Meridian (South) South Today
These are great. Very professional!

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