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DavidWhitfield882 posts since 16 Oct 2013
Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
This isn't a workplace and you're not a boss appraising his employee's productivity.

This is (meant to be!) a nice place where like-minded people can come together, share ideas, and give constructive criticism on their hobby.

It's meant to be fun, not an opportunity to harshly point out where people are lacking and suggest they need to 'buckle up' if their designs don't meet with your approval.
Guess who's big in the back time!
DavidWhitfield882 posts since 16 Oct 2013
Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
"We are going soft, in a work place if you do gub work you will rightly get told to buckle up or else" [sic] ...

The inference being 'so why shouldn't I be able to tell people so here?'

I'm fed up of this back and forth; it's getting us nowhere.

I just don't understand some people's need to smugly tell others their work is awful when they're offering nothing useful back and seem to be doing it solely in order to make themselves feel superior to the poster.
Guess who's big in the back time!
harshy6,513 posts since 24 Mar 2001
But I did, it needs to look more like Yorkshire that would be an improvement because Yorkshire as far as I am aware does not look like the original posters mock.
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I'm really not sure how it's possible for anyone to offer constructive criticism on that? The user has seemingly ignored the Guide to Mocking and has spent little time looking at other designs posted here. No one is asking for 5* designs from the off but there's got to be some quality control here.

I have some suspicions that this may be an existing member, which is frustrating. There was a case in the past of another member who signed up and posted a poor mock, presumably as some sort of sad trolling exercise to provoke comments. All a bit pathetic and they're lucky they remained on the site.

Not sure this can go much further so will be closed.
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