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Loose Women 2020

A refresh of the LW brand (July 2020)

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Hello all,

This is my first new design in a while, and I thought I would tackle Loose Women, as the current logo has been used since the refresh in September 2014.

No major changes, just a few small ideas which I feel could enhance the brand and align it closer with its female oriented audience.

Hope you like them!

Title Card:

Interesting, DeMarkay.

It would, I imagine, be very easy, when putting together a mock of Loose Women, to think 'I'll just go mental with the pink' but I think you've managed to pick rather a pleasingly muted background instead of going down a rather more garish route. Looks feminine and friendly while not looking like an advert for the latest incarnation of the Barbie doll.

Would be interesting to see your take on the graphics used during the show itself, e.g. the 'live' location graphic, the 'coming up' graphic, the 'current talking point' graphic...

Decent start, DeMarkay. Keep on.
It's a good start but that's all it is, a start. Would like to see more.
PATV Scunthorpe
The background is nice, it doesn't look too dissimilar to the textures used on This Morning.

I don't particularly like the text, whether that's the 3D effect, or the choice of fonts because they're similar to what is used now, but are they too similar that it doesn't feel like it needs to be changed? I don't know.

As others have said, there just isn't that much to judge on, I think I remember you saying on one of your other threads that 'The Gallery is about posting a couple of images to start and expanding in the following weeks or months'. I don't believe that should be the case, you should create enough justify posting the mock.

You've made two images, but the second is almost a duplicate of the first, just with some added logos and some Reem, so to me it looks like the majority of time has been spent on the title card, and while it's a nice effect that may have taken some time, overall I think more time should have been spent on expanding the idea, such as creating accompanying graphics.
Owen A
I think the background effect is really stylish, I thought the current graphics had come a long way but looking at this just shows the potential of the graphics. Whilst there’s not really anything wrong with the current logo and the way you’ve adapted it, I think just giving it an entire new look would be refreshing and give the show a new feel instead of just refreshes to background graphics.

DeMarkay and brioalex gave kudos
Really like the background on this! It brings it right in line with This Morning which Loose Women is basically an extension of so great job with that! Not too keen on the 3D typography but on the whole a nice start! Would be good to see how this transfers onto the other graphic elements too.

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