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Liquid News - 2019 Rebrand

My take on if Liquid News was still going today (May 2019)

Whataday Founding member Wales Wales Today
Nothing to do with the mock but I've just realised how much Reith Sans looks like it should be on a packet of hay fever tablets.
the eye World News
From 2003
noggin Founding member
I think you need to take the brand a lot further away from BBC News. Whilst Liquid News was made by a BBC News production team, it wasn't really branded as BBC News, and its graphic look wasn't really related to the wider BBC News look at the time. There was a short cut-down show that aired on News 24 each week, but that was about as close to 'News' as it got.

I suspect the 'Liquid' of its title would still be visually represented somehow visually.

BBC Three News (aka The News Show / Seven O'Clock News on BBC Three / 60 Seconds) was then a separate News brand of its own, and also not tied into the whole Gill Sans BBC News look at the time. If it were still around I suspect it would be closer to Newsbeat branding than BBC News Channel / BBC One/Six/Ten branding.

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