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ITV2 Idents - My Interpretation

New idents separated and edited with music (August 2015)

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I am not a fan of the 'tombola of idents' that make up the new ITV2 package and would prefer stand alone idents with music.

I've edited together a little package to try to show this using music themed to each ident.

Low rating, but no feedback?
Fanoftv, this is just the current idents with music over them. I imagine that's why the score is low - because there's little originality to it.

I personally gave this three stars, on the basis that I rather like the music you have selected (bar, perhaps, the rock ident, which I feel might be a bit loud for use of this nature). I like the hot dog one and the ties one best. I could see those on telly.

I enjoy the logo, by the way - fan, of, TV - clever.
Low rating, but no feedback?

Not everybody who rates will post feedback.

It is undeserving of more than 1/5. Due to lack of effort and originality.

Part of me thinks that this entire mock is a troll by a member who should know better. Apologies if i'm wrong.
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A troll? What an odd accusation. Apology excepted.

It was just an idea of how the new idents could be improved by treating them as separate idents and utilising the footage with music. It's not meant to be brand changing — it's only just come in.

As for the effort - I spent a lot of time searching and editing the music along with added sound effects to fit the idents.

Maybe the mock forum was the wrong place for this.
A former member
Not great, but I fully understand why your trying to get even if it poorly executed, in someway. You just want them to have single item on screen.
Video is a little slow, and music isn't really made it better. 2/5.
I do think ultimately they'll end up using separate cuts but I think just the sound effects rather than music work better. It was definately worth you doing to illustrate how it could work but sadly it just didn't. Indeed it makes you wonder if the ITV2 idents were commissioned as individual pieces, it was felt they didn't work and then they experimented with cutting them together and they got something which they felt worked much better.
I get that. I just feel that the sound effects alone are a bit dull.

The package with the tombola effect feels like a cheap version of the GOLD idents to me.

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