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(May 2002)

Big Phil
I thought I'd design some ITV1 idents based loosely on the World Cup break bumpers. A brief explanation, the ITV1 logo would be dominant, and each region would have a different set of backgrounds, about 7 or 8 each. They would all be based around scenes in the region, but would all be very colourful and dramatic. The two mocks have the same background, but show how the different regions could set out the text as they wished.

Carlton ident

Granada ident

Notice how the Granada ident has no logo, this is how I would intend them all to be, but we know how much Carlton like their brand!

Many many thanks to Jay for putting these on his webspace!

Yes, I like the style. It would work well. Maybe the animated version could see various clips of the regions, merged, then blurred into the background then the [itv1] logo and region name displayed.
Brilliant idea. I think the most important part of mock design is the conception and realisation of an idea - not just how fancy your PC is. (Though yours LOOK brilliant as well).

On a simple level, I think this is a great idea - the regional continuity provided by a regional image (though there'd need to be quite a few and ones that people could recognise!) combined with the national ITV1 brand. Me like!
Great work ... the images are really nice. And a fine job making the ITV logo look good: that's a monumental task in and of itself.


Gary Founding member
WOW!!! That's all I can say really! Don't know how you done them, but they're great!!! If this was Eurovision, you would get 12points!!! Well done Phil Very Happy
Well done, that's the best of the ITV Mocks!
Well, you get:

Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad yes, that's right. 10 devils out of 10 ( and i don't give out 10 devils unless it's really good!!! )
How did you get a semi-transparent itv1 logo anyway?
Erm you get a two colour version of the logo, and set one colour to 100% transparency (or no selection) and the other to a certain degree of transparency? Well, you can do it in Flash, so I suppose you can do it in that fancy Macromedia image program thing that may have been used here.
Big Phil
Actually, i just used the TV Logos font. Laughing
James Martin
I challenge you to do a Central one, but you've got to incorporate the cake too!

And can you do them for SMG and UTV who won't want an ITV logo on their idents...
RtH Founding member London
Very good mocks, and a very good idea (logo+background combination).
harshy Founding member
These are very good, why don't you send them to Leeds, they need an imagination transplant!

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