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ITV1 HD 'This service is not available' (revision)

A message that was (probably) shown on ITV1 HD when they cannot provide the service. (June 2018)

Um Maybe tomorrow.
Apparently 11NathanWNq, you have been abusing me in your profile section throughout my account's first few weeks or so. Yesterday Neil Jones asked if you would improve your mock, you replied:

Um maybe tomorrow.

It is tomorrow now and I still have not seen an improvement. I have recieved a private message from you saying:
Hi Sharitall, as you know you have been criticized by Neil Jones and others, please improve your mock.

Do you know that I have posted revisions, and you seriously want another one? REALLY??!! Mad
Apparently 11NathanWNq, you have been abusing me in your profile section throughout my account's first few weeks or so.

He has been warned and I can see it on his name on the thread.

19 days later

Newsroom24 West Country (West) Points West
You've generally gone for a very simplistic design, which you've improved slightly based on feedback. I quite like the mocks and I could imagine actually seeing it on TV. I particularly like your ITV News ending one:

While it is very simple, it actually looks really clean and fresh.

The wording still doesn't quite do it for me though on your mock, which it does work it doesn't really flow and comes across as a little oddly worded to me. Something as simple as "We're sorry, this programme is not currently available in HD." would suffice to me. Perhaps you could also add something like "You can continue to watch by switching to ITV" [and then giving the various channels for Freeview, Sky and Virgin].

It would be a 3/5 for me, it's 'Respectable' but it's easily done and not something that is too challenging or time-consuming to do which is why it wouldn't be any higher.

As a side point, of course, it's up to you what you post, but saying things like "That's it. I am so fed up." and "Those are all of what I, as a human after all, feels is the rude" seems a little counterproductive as a way to get people to give you feedback as to your work. While some comments can be harsh (and maybe rude at times), most people on here give it so that you can get lots of views and opinions of your work and you can then hopefully use it to improve your work in the future - we all learn through mistakes after all Smile

I look forward to seeing any future mocks you do!

11 days later


This was one of my posts which didn’t overall suceed. I feel that it is ok to say that this one should be rated one star as it is probably one of my worst posts (as well as one of my first)

It all started with the feedback which I thought was ‘rude’ and ‘negative’. I could have got a ban for saying that, but overall I didn’t.

The message was too long even though I improved it based on feedback. I didn’t have to point out that it was channel three anyway because it is on most TV stations and most people should know that anyway.

Any future posts? unfortunately you will have to wait until I get my PC back from the repair shop.

Yours faithfully

8 July 2018 7:47 AM
Neil Jones Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
Don't take the comments in the thread personally. The best feedback anybody can get is to when it boils down to it is basically this: If your mock is crap, be told it's crap and why, and what you can do to make it less crap in a constructive criticism sort of way. If your mock is the best thing since sliced bread and looks like something that could appear on a TV screen one day, you'll get told that too. Otherwise the middle ground between these two point is a collection of "I like but I would change this, that and the other" sort of posts.

Many members on the forum posted mocks for their first effort that looked far worse than this and they have improved, some dramatically. You can improve too, just need to be thick-skinned sometimes. Smile

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