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Neil Jones6,467 posts since 23 Dec 2001
Central (West) Midlands Today
Better effort than first time round, I must admit, and I appreciate you haven't thrown all your toys out of the pram, hitting the Log Off button in the process, so that's good.

Progress is being made here but I think closer attention to detail may be worth considering next time; here you've slapped coloured squares down and made them float around without quite getting what made it work on the original ident.
AlexEdohHD13682 posts since 25 Jul 2014
London London
Its more like 10% realistic looking.

It annoys me watching this, that the fourth, yellow square doesn't perfectly cut off when the ITV1 logo formation finishes/becomes fully visible (if that makes sense).

Are you talking about my mock or the actual ident.
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