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ITV Rebrand Concept - 2022

My Take on a potential Rebrand for ITV in 2022 (July 2020)

J. Lyric
He's already mentioned this in the first post.

TWL95 posted:
based it off the Sky look from 2011-2015
boredom makes you do things
RegularCapital Central (West) Midlands Today
If this was a hypothetical 1990's rebrand mock/proposal, I'd say this is nice work. You clearly have the Photoshop skills, you just need some modern day inspiration.

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Admiral Sven (previously Toohak113) West Country (East) Points West
I'm not exactly a fan but there is a bit to like:

The lettering reminds me of a blend between the 2013/2020 current logo and the 1979-1989 logo. It works in its own way.
The franchise logos are also a real positive for me. A return to them is actually welcome.
ITV3 is really nice. It totally stresses the mood of old and formal drama, which is what ITV3 is all about. Palatino Linotype, as you have used here, is a very nice font for that.

Perhaps some things you may want to reconsider:

ITV4: NOT that font The use of that font for the Number 4 doesn't exactly fit the aim of ITV4, which is a, and I quote from a press release from the establishment of ITV4, "a man cave" blended with sport. It doesn't fit.
CITV I like your originality with this one but sadly it really doesn't work here. I like the green and yellow mix; it's different and enjoyable. However, blending that kind of "C" in with the rest of "ITV" isn't a good idea.
ITV Ultra I can see this is based on the Sky version, and it's good, but it wouldn't get past the ITV bosses.
News at 10 Maybe make this a bit less congested. Perhaps align it to the right or something.

My rating is a 6/10. I'm looking forward to how these logos are used in your "animated stills".
Admiral Sven

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Ne1L C Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
rfr1 posted:
TWL95 posted:
This has been a huge waste of my time...and I apologise for this

Please don’t apologise. Every designer will try something that doesn’t work, it’s part and parcel of the graphic design process. Nobody is immune, take Martin Lambie-Nairn for instance: the original brief for BBC One’s 1991 rebrand was a big ‘ONE’ with a globe inside the O, for instance. He went back and worked on it further, and ultimately came out with the smokey globe and serif numeral, which stayed on-screen for 6 years.

I also remember seeing some concept art courtesy of Red Bee for BBC One’s 2006 rebrand, and they were all very noughties-flavoured, some resembling the BBC Breakfast titles of the era, and wouldn’t have stood the test of time at all. (I can’t find the link now unfortunately, but it’s certain to be around somewhere).

You tried an idea out, thought it looked good enough to get some feedback and it hasn’t been favourable. But you gave it a go. That’s alright.

For what it’s worth, I agree with Jon in that the ITV lettering is inherently difficult to work with and make look nice. The current logo is absolutely the best iteration thus far, followed (quite distantly) by the 2005/06 logo which, while a bit bland, looked far more visually appealing than its rather ugly “digital” 1998/99 and serifed 1989 counterparts.

Don't ever feel the need to apologise. No-one gets anything right first time. Its an interesting idea and I agree that the current small letter "itv" is on the whole rather poor for a major commercial channel.

This is a bit of constructive criticism. Your idea remind me of the admittedly unofficial ITV logo of the 1970's and not a basis for a future version.

Keep trying.
dbl London London

Don't ever feel the need to apologise. No-one gets anything right first time. Its an interesting idea and I agree that the current small letter "itv" is on the whole rather poor for a major commercial channel.

Of course it's your opinion, but the 'itv' 2013 logo is the best they've had so far in the 2000-2010's. It's a distinctive symbol which has been shown to be flexible and still have life in it 7 years later. If you compare it to the 2006 logo it got rather ugly and dated rather quickly.
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Ne1L C Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I agree that the 2006 logo was inadequate. I just feel that the current logo should be capitalised.
Jon Central (West) Midlands Today
It’s not really as simple as that. It wouldn’t be the same logo if it was capitalised and indeed I’m not sure the concept would work.

As I’ve said before it’s a very awkward set of letters and I think it would be very difficult to make it look good if it was capitalised.

But why do you think it needs to be capitalised?
Ne1L C Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
ITV is a major network and I just think it's identity should be a bit bolder. It's just my opinion though.

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