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Well I'm only 12 so don't expect anything unique

Then why are you on this forum then? The minimum age of most websites is 13, so you exposing your age has not helped your situation even further, in fact it'll probably lead to a ban from Asa soon enough.

From the Site Terms (https://tvforum.uk/help/terms):
users of all ages and abilities will be taking part at this website

No age restriction as far as I can see. Can't see why you think TurboLazer would receive a ban just for mentioning their age.

With regards to the mock though, I fail to see how it can be an original idea so would suggest taking it in your own direction, TurboLazer.
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The "minimum age of 13" is a COPPA thing, which applies to the US. The UK equivalent is GDPR which does not set a minimum age itself, though its inferred from COPPA. Anyway that's entirely beside the point and this is not a site aimed at children. It might be if we had pictures of Peppa Pig everywhere but...

Anyway since the original post seems to have been inspired by another mock which was subsequently changed, that's not in itself an issue, however I think TurboLazer might want to look at the feedback from the mock that inspired him/her and look at the feedback to see why it changed into what it did.
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Well I'm only 12 so don't expect anything unique

I'd agree with Neil Jones' suggestion (above), and say that your best course of action, since your work is so similar to a mock previously submitted, is to take a look at the following link (https://tvforum.uk/thegallery/itv-2020-rebrand-project-45420/) and follow the advice given there. This will still result in what is effectively a facsimile of someone else's work, though, so it might feel more rewarding for you if you played around a bit and put together something unique to you. It won't be perfect but nothing ever is when you're just starting out and playing around.
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It’s years since I did anything like this, but one thing I used to do would be to get a screengrab of what is currently in use and put it side by side with what I’d designed. That gives you an idea of what sort of text size and spacing you need to use, and I think if you were to do that with this then you would see that good design needs to be well spaced out. Less is most definitely more.

Keep at it though (and maybe avoid colour gradients for text).
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