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ITV Presentation 2020

Last week ITV introduced a new onscreen presentation package

Sh1ruba Recently warned Central (West) Midlands Today
Turns out I had some time this evening in-between doing bits of client work to try a new colour and some tweaks. So, below is a new break bumper colour, I've tried slowing the animation on this slightly just to try and match the real ones. Also is a new Programme Menu. Here, I have left aligned the text and logo because I sometimes think centring everything looks a bit messy. Also, the Hub logo animates in differently and separately on the right hand side. I'll keep chipping away at more bits too but let me know what you think of these 😊

Really nice. Very pleasing to watch take shape

Mustard gives me 2006 ITV1 vibes.
Really would like to see the other colours of the 2019 rebrand in action, looking very good so far.
brioalex Central (East) East Midlands Today
Had some more time to kill earlier today so experimented with the left-aligned everything theme again with a new colour too! Below we have a revised ECP and a new Promo End-board. I'm liking the left-aligned theme better than everything being centralised as I prefer elements being aligned to a straight left edge. 😊 Let me know your thoughts.

BiggieSMLZ Granada North West Today
That looks pretty good. Smile
Ahh, the joys of TV.
bendrutter Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
thank you and can you make some more please
J. Lyric
Don't listen to bendrutter, it's obvious that he's young, and these kinds of things aren't easy to make, despite how it looks.

Take your time, and if you are making more, no pressure.
AlfieMulcahy Meridian (South East) South East Today
thank you and can you make some more please

They are hard to create and take time, time which is usually taken up by other things. If also ask why specifically you want him to 'make some more' is it to criticise or see the next stages or are you using it for your own benefit. Just something to think about.

I'll also add that the only contributions you've made to this forum are on ITV mock threads asking for them to do more.
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