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ITV Nightscreen

Rebrand idea for ITV's overnight programme

I was sitting on my phone a few nights back and Nightscreen was on in the background. What caught my eye the most, was how dull and boring it was.

This is my attempt at a refresh. Nothing too spectacular.

I have attached stills for now, but I am working on motion visuals and will post soon - depending on feedback. Very Happy

AxG Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Nothing much to say, but when 'Wednesday - 22nd July' only just fits, what's gonna happen when it's a longer month name?
BiggieSMLZ Granada North West Today
My, my, I have to say that this is by far much better than the Nightscreen we got now. This concept brings it in line with the other ITV brands in a way I've certainly never seen as of late. To be fair, I think you may have given ITV an idea! Keep it up! 5/5
Ahh, the joys of TV.
Love it. So much better than what we have currently. I'd darken the colours, especially considering this will be shown in the middle of the night.
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Andrew Founding member Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
It looks nice, but probably a tad too bright for 4am

Also, yes try it with "Wednesday 22nd September"
iloveTV1 (previously iloveTV2304) London London
I like it. Your menu slides could be used during the day as well.
Thanks for all the feedback. I have altered the size of the font on the date and have adjusted some colours and darkened the background as well. Feedback welcome Smile

Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Looks good.
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bkman1990 UTV Newsline
I like this design very much. ITV Nightscreen, even though it has a purpose to show ITV programmes for the next day, feels really outdated with it's current look right now. So to freshen it up; this design that you have here in front of us looks well worth it IMO.

It is neat, it is colourful, it is fresh & functional. The colours may feel a bit bright for my liking though but that doesn't matter. You could display your ITV Nightscreen design in colours aligned from each channel offered by ITV to make it stand out a lot more for it's intended audience. What you have offered may look similar to ITV3's current look although with a slightly darker tone in colour.

I am definitely seeing great potential in the format of your design and to expand it a lot more if you want to.

The ITV News headline round-up looks great. A photo being added to the news headlines might add some context to the story.
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Andrew Wood Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
An increase in text size would help, with a little wider leading between.

Contrast with the current Nightscreen - yours has 12 lines of text in approximately half the height of the screen, where as what's on screen has 12 lines in nearer 2/3 the height. It helps legibility on smaller screens.

That news headline - more of a full story! - is a lot to take in. Think of how the digital text services (and before that Ceefax/Oracle) would cut the story to the bare bones such that it could be displayed clearly in one frame.
iloveTV1 (previously iloveTV2304) London London
Your new version is even better than the first one. Still a top rating from me.
Universal_r STV Central Reporting Scotland
This is very good and a lot better than what we have just now. I especially like the fact that you added news headlines, now that I think about it I wonder why itv haven’t already done that.

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