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Thanks for your comments.

It does add a lot of authority. It would work really well! I must say though I'm not the biggest fan of the hands moving so quick. Maybe the same sweeping shot of the clock but with the hands static on 10? or even 21:59 and moving just as it approaches 10?

I thought it was appropriate (and more interesting) to move the hands at a similar speed to that featured in the previous titles for the Ten (also in the current lunchtime and evening titles). Also, as the bulletin doesn't start on-the-dot, it seemed more honest to have the hands at 'around' that time. Smile

Just want to point something out, I think when uploading the videos it's best o do a public and private version or whatever you have to do that VMPhil suggested as my iPhone and iPad will play the private one but (at least) my nannas computer says "Decode Error" on the private ones

Thanks for the heads-up, I'll do both in future Smile