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This studio mock uses the same basic physical elements as the real deal so there are seven screens, a full height ITV News desk (because seeing someone's lap and awkwardly positioned knees does not a better news programme make) and four pillars. The floor is different (got rid of the stage as height is limited so building up makes no sense) and the UPVC windows are hidden behind printed acrylic with a coating that diffuses (but doesn't eliminate) reflection.

The idea behind the design is to imply a centre that reaches out in all directions using the national set as inspiration (wall panel design, pillars, fake news room/gallery/monitors background, strip lights above presenters). Instead of a static backdrop though the screens also display a variety of scenes from a fake landscape (incorporating Oxford, Swindon, and Reading skylines, Spinnaker Tower, Brighton Pavilion, White cliffs of Dover, Winchester and Canterbury cathedrals, ocean, villages and rolling hills), through to a sports stadium and story and bulletin specific (month of rain in a minute, GMB).

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Could you put pictures up please. On my computer, it's saying 'Decode Error'
I tried to think of something funny to put here, but I can't think of anything, so you can read this to the end and then realise you have just wasted 10 seconds of your life. You're welcome.
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Absolutely outstanding skills pip2.

I think there are a few small design issues though, I don't personally like how the silver 'blocks' are different heights and the back drop is a bit jarring; there's lots going on at lots of different angles.

This is very impressive though.

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Wowzers, best mock I've seen in a long time. What did you create it in for the 3D video visuals? I love the studio lights turning on, and including the initial spark of a HMI is a nice touch.

Some shots work really with and sell the sense of depth, however some when you get to close to the edges show the "fakery" of the depth a little. However very nicely executed and well thought out and executed.
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Each time i look at this i see new details. You've obviously spent a great deal of time thinking about this and it shows. Your execution is also outstanding.

5/5 - This is the first time an original studio mock has impressed me.
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Very nice work.
Visual pleasant to look out and the actual idea is very, very clever.

Have you thought about what the backdrops around the screens would be made of? Would it be a canvas print with perspex in front to represent windows?

It wonderfully utilises the current screens but uses them to enhance the idea of a newsroom behind and to add realism to a sense of distance.
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Very impressive - this is the sort of thing I like to see here. The screens look so much better and all the simple changes, like raising the desk and ditching the platform, are for the better. Ditching the built out screens makes the sides look far more open and also brings the corner screens into use - at the moment they're pretty pointless.

It is definately a 5/5 from me though the only thing I might deduct you 0.1 on is the white frames in the corners - not quite sure of the purpose they serve.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?