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Another thread (January 2003)

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After weeks of no threads about ITV News on the forum one pops up! Oh well, I hope you don't mind me starting another of the same name.

For these mocks, I've gone for a minimalistic design, with a style similar to the BBC weekday morning news bulletins in mind.

In all of these, the four squares motif is used. In the titles they "see-saw" left and right.

The following aston is on-screen during live OBs, breaking news and also during most stories (just giving additional information). It first displays the title of the headline (or the obvious "Breaking News"), which quickly flies from the right. That then fades, and more information about the headline flies from the right.

The name/title aston is a seperate white strap which fits above the info aston. The white strap flies up from behind the info aston and the 4 squares motif, name and title fly from the right. The squares animate as in the titles ("see-sawing" left to right) for a few seconds before it and the text carry on left, out of the picture. Then, the white strap flies back down behind the info aston.

What do you think? I think it would be quite a fresh, modern look for ITV News.
they are nice
Beeb2 posted:
they are nice
btw would the breaking news aston look like this but different colours/gradients and without the dots

err... No, not particularly... Rolling Eyes
Brekkie Boy
I like, especially the dog - what would the aston look like on ITV News without the extra info, and also, I think the text should be shrunk a bit so the "news" bit fits under the ITV logo in the style of the current dog.
harshy Founding member
Very nice concept Benjy, and it certainly goes with the current four square ITV1 branding.

Perhaps with News at Ten, a darker colour scheme could be used, for example a dark blue background with light blue squares and light blue text! Smile
BBC TV Centre
I like your mocks very much Benjy. They remind me of the ITN News Channel for some reason. Must be the blue. Confused

A few gripes though,

Arrow I am not a fan of the words that are joined together such as lunchtimenews, eveningnews, newsatten. I spend about 3 minutes trying to work out what newsatten was...

Arrow As you know/may not know I don't like DOGS or any permanent on screen branding or useless items on screen and usually go mad when I see them, so the ITV logo, newschannel and clock would have to go in my opinion, for an unbranded picture.

And as for your aston Beeb2, you can forget about it...
Brekkie Boy posted:
I think the text should be shrunk a bit so the "news" bit fits under the ITV logo in the style of the current dog.

You're right - I thought it was but looking at it now it seems to have enlarged itself...or maybe I just made a mistake... Wink Just imagine it's smaller for now!
On the other comments -

Arrow I did think of using a darker theme for the news at ten but I did that in my recent BBC News (excuse the plug!) mocks, and I didn't want them to be too similar.

Arrow I think on the whole that the words joined together works, but you're right that the newsatten is the worst offender at looking muddled, but I don't think the others do particularly.

Arrow On the subject of the DOG, I'm afraid I put it in simply because it's not likely that the ITV News Channel is going to dump it any time soon, and I always try to make my mocks realistic... Sorry BBC TV Centre!

Arrow I suppose the name/title aston on its own would look like this -

A little on the high side but I think it might be OK.
harshy Founding member
On the screen, it wouldn't look so high as you won't see the overscn area, so where you placed it is right!
Chris J
I really like them, especially the Split Screen, but I don't like the astons too much. I think the lighter bar should stretch right across the screen, not just part of the way.
mark Founding member
Here are my efforts. I've tried to bring the look in line with the yellow and blue theme, but also keep the ITN font.


Breaking News strap:

Information strap:

Split screen:
A few attempts of mine...

Arrow Break Bumper

Arrow Outside Broadcast

Arrow Regional Report

Arrow Presenter Intro

Arrow DOG and Clock

I've gone for the more corporate look. I have a little trouble making the reflection on the break bumper. I feel it's too dark but I can't make it any lighter. In Photoshop 6, I used a gradient overlay of White to Transparent, Angle 90 and the General Blending Options set to Multiply. Any help would be great.

Thanks to mromega for the blue background.
Font used: Helvetica Neue Medium Extended
ITV News logo from TV Forum Mock Resources.

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