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I've been using Google Sketchup over the last few days to create a new set for ITV News.

I really think that ITV has worn out the virtual reality aspect for its news, we've had 4 incarnations with the CSO and I believe its time for ITV News to move back towards using a real set now.

My first idea was to tone down the yellow and use more bright colours. Currently the black and yellow appears too dark and tacky, so while I've scaled down the yellow, I've made more use of silver and chrome type colours. I did base some of this set design on the recently rebranded 'VTM Nieuws' in Belgium.

To the right you can see 3 floor to ceiling screens, these would display the top three stories of the day. I think the 'hero panel' design from the current look could be easily incorporated into the studio.

The back screen would be CSO, and although its silver in 2 of these pictures, it would show Big Ben. The screen to the left would be a proper BARCO newswall and it would be used for interviews and when presenters speak to correspondents.

Let me know what you think!

Wide Shot of the Studio
The 'interview' newswall
The hero panel screens
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It's not a bad start, sadly SketchUp never does Native renders well.
Perhaps increase the ceiling height a tad, it looks really small in there.
Oh it's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you...