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ITV brand refresh

Some ideas to give the ITV channels and brands a refresh

permotio Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
There's just something about the 2 and 3 that doesn't work for me - I think they're too big.

Other than that, excellent. Really enjoying watching this develop.
DeMarkay London London
Abolishing the black background for the end credits is something I adopted in my This Morning mock.
It looks a lot more slicker, giving each show its own identity, using the font(s) from the logo whilst retaining the house style.
Superb work.
Looking Glass West Country (West) Spotlight
The endboards take some getting used to but that’s only because we’ve seen the generic black and white ones for so long. I also like they there’s still a sense of uniformity with them but it’s tailored to the individual show’s branding.

I like the ECP, ITV looks very nice and I like that ITV4 used different colours. I think you could try to personalise 2 and 3 a bit more because it just feels like ITV’s with a different colour font.
mediachris Anglia (East) Look East
I could actually see this working on screen and it looks great. I especially love that programmes would get their own credits back with their own programme fonts as opposed to the awful ITV Reem
Owen A Granada North West Today
Think this looks great! I love how refreshing the fonts on the graphics are for things such as the ECPs, using Reem a little less is something I think ITV should definitely try. The colours are good I think, just maybe change some of them on the WEATHER logo as I think it could be a mix of different seasonal colours perhaps.

I also think using the programme related font and a suitable background is a move ITV should make and looks miles better!

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