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ITV Late Night News titles

(February 2017)

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Dark blue and copper clock in a sort of pseudo US 'nightly news' kind of vibe

Brilliant as always! However, I do think the Dark blue looks a little bit too plain, almost like something way supposed to be keyed in there, but wasn't. I don't think it needs to be super glossy or flashy, but perhaps some sort of texture could help bring it together a little more.
Bail Moderator
My thoughts exactly on the blue, it looks like a keying layer didn't work. I also love the reveal using the squares, I wonder if these offset tiles could make a bit of an appearance in the titles themselves rather than just at the end. But still awesome (as ever pip!)

Well done!
Apart from the blue, everything else is good,

Maybe try one for News at Ten?
Bail said pretty much everything I want to say. The execution is superb as ever but do feel they do need breaking up a bit, probably with brief breakaways from the clock using the square idea or imagery behind the clock. We're being ultraharsh though pip2 - you've set yourself such a high standard here and you are leagues ahead of anything else posted here in the Gallery, or indeed on BBC1.
BBI45, MatthewFirth and UBox gave kudos
As a concept (which is what this is), it's fantastic!

Obviously it would need refining (such as more realistic textures on the clock hands) and the logo probably ought to form up in the centre of the screen - perhaps inside a semi-transparent turquoise box?

The only thing I don't like is the name. I would perhaps call it 'ITV Late Evening News'. Other than those minor criticisms, I think these titles are incredibly well thought out.

Big thumbs up from me! Smile

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