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From the vimeo page:

This is a remake that I created of the 2001 ITV1 'Hearts' ident in November 2015. I Recreated the music myself as an exercise.

Logo (C) ITV PLC 2001
Music and Mock (C) 2016 By Alexander Edoh.

If I'm not getting good reviews, can I remove them then?

I'm a novice, So I might need some help.

Remove what?

Should I remove the mocks or just improve them?
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AlexEdohHD13682 posts since 25 Jul 2014
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Okay, I have taken on board the comments about the music and have decided to use the original version of the music. Some have said that the animation is a good start I myself think the animation is fine, but that I will improve on it, and then uploaded the improved animation after it's finished. I have also taken on board your advice and decided not to rush on the animation and take small steps.

This is with the original music:
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With the original music its a start, and has raised the bar. I would suggest you take all the HELPFUL and useful post and try to make improvements. There no go you make mocks and never improving on them.
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You should crop the logo into individual lines, and since I suppose you do use PowerPoint for the animation on the ITV logo, make the lines move in from the top and bottom (vertical) and left and right (horizontal)

I like the lines appearing as they are because it's easier, I will try that approach.
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There is a fundamental flaw to these mocks.... what the hell is the point? They're not recreations, because they're nowhere near the quality or indeed the makeup of the original hearts ident. They're not mocks, because they're not an original idea or an original interpretation of an existing idea. So what are they? They're just you playing around with some random bits of software, sharting the result onto the Internet and sitting back expecting praise to golden shower you from the sky like mana.

They don't deserve two stars, they don't deserve one star, they deserve nothing except derision. <cwilliams> There is no reason for the videos to be more than 10 seconds long yet they go for the full length of the MP3 track. </cwilliams> The ITV Hearts idents themselves, while now looking absolutely stunning in comparison to the dreck served up by modern broadcasters' efforts, weren't that fondly looked upon at the time due to the fact they were the first step in subsuming the regional identities into one massive ITV behemoth of meh, so you've not exactly picked classic idents to....whatever the hell you've done.

Go away and don't come back.