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itv 'everyday life' ident mocks (November 2014)

pip2 Meridian (South) South East Today
Had a go at a bit of itv 'real life' colour-picking ident mockery (audio from current and previous itv idents)

Shower Shoes
Gull Group
Rainbow Flag
Golden Ocean
Cherry Picker Pier
Spinning Wheel
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Gull Group is the one I like the best.
tomo359 Border (England)
Hmm, not sure what to say about these really. You have done them well for a mock, but they have faults. Some of the colour picking does not work well and it just looks like the logo in parts is faulty and flashing all the time. This is very noticeable in the Gull Group ident.

Also, did you film these yourself or is it stock footage you've used? Just wondering as there is very little movement in any of the idents making them become boring very quickly. The golden ocean one just looks like a computer screensaver due to this. If you did film them yourself, try filming some more but include movement like many of ITV's idents do. If you just used stock videos, why not have a go at filming some stuff yourself?
Also I don't know if you would be able to do this, but in many of ITV's idents, one feature common is for one area to be in focus and the rest of the scene blurry. Could you have a go at doing this?

Good work for a first attempt, hope you can get the colour picking thing sorted. Not actually sure how you do this so don't know how easy it would be to fix, but the flashing bits need to be sorted somehow.
Jimmyson World News
Top work mate!

Could fix up the colour picking by adding a frame blend to help make a smoother transition between the colours.
But none-the less. Amazing work!
FrancisIdents Central (East) Look North (Yorkshire)
These are excellent - I like "Rainbow Flag" best myself.
Some of the "chameleon" colours on the logo change a bit quickly for my liking (an example being "Gull Group", the logo seems to flash), but otherwise, outstanding work.
MatthewFirth Meridian (South) South Today
These are good, but not as good as your "Classic logos" you did!

16 days later

Mike W London London
As diverse as ITV are, the Rainbow flag wouldn't air on ITV. It'd be a good C4 ident...

Your colour shifting isn't brilliant but the concepts are fine, but there's very little design work of your own in it - it's ITV's direction and idea with different footage...

3/5 from me

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