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ITV Daytime Branding

Helping make the current daytime programmes flow together better, with specific idents (March 2020)

Rexogamer London London
The ident is basic in its animation but personally I’m a fan of the idea and look of this, 3/5
Arqiva, just switch to DVB-T2 already...
Owen A Granada North West Today
Thanks, I wanted simple, dynamic animations especially for 6am in the morning. Theres lots more to come for this mock too!
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Owen A Granada North West Today
I've now made another ident-like video showing how the daytime programmes would transition between each other using the Daytime branding. For this example, I used what would be the end of Lorraine then the ident then the start of the ad break. At the end of each Daytime show, as the presenters sign off the 'stings' I made would show followed by the rest of the ident. Each sting represents a Daytime show with the colour scheme of each show (e.g. yellow/orange for GMB). After that, the ITV Daytime branding fades in with the word NOW, then, the background transitions to the colour of whatever Daytime show is next, and the name of the programme animates in on the left. I tried to animate the logo in, but it didn't look right at all so I decided to just right the show's name in Reem. Hopefully this gives a further idea of how the branding would work and I look forward to receiving feedback.

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dbl London London
Sorry, but this isn't even a proper concept, not even first stage.
rob Founding member Meridian (Thames Valley) South Today
This feels very rushed. It's rather dull and basic.
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TVVT Granada North West Today
TBH it’s alright but not the best. I’d work on the movement but I think the 2nd attempt is much better than the first.

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Owen A Granada North West Today
Thanks again for the feedback, but I'm just not sure on how to develop the mock / where to take it. If anyone has any ideas please let me know Smile
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