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History in motion (March 2019)

Whataday Founding member Wales Wales Today
I don't understand what is meant by Adobe CC/Motion, which is why I previously asked what software was used for the 3D graphics.
Ne1L C Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
This may help:!3085!10!79302332581938!79302441464159&ef_id=W0sjHQAAALOdaxCq:20190421100951:s
Whataday Founding member Wales Wales Today
I know Adobe CC well. It's the Motion bit I don't get. Is Motion referring to a preset of AfterEffects CC?
XQD London London
I would assume Motion refers to Apple's compositing/graphics package.
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25 days later

ccateni UTV Newsline
I really like this look, it might need better music though.
NicB1971 Central (West) Midlands Today
Good grief - if only ITV had as much creative talent as we have on this Forum - we'd not have all the garbage.
I'm stunned by the amount of detail that went into that homage to ITV's history. The montage of old ident themes at the end was quite haunting - perhaps a melancholy nod to the "golden days"? All that were missing were probably ABC and A-R and that's no criticism.
russty_russ Anglia (West) Look East
What I love about this is the subtle nods to the past that the casual ITV viewer or ones of a younger age would not get but the older viewer may raise a smile. Good work!

89 days later

Po6xyPop77 UTV Newsline
Submit this to ITV!
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