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Hello Newsroom24,

Thanks for your comments, my apologies for not more clearly explaining the concept...

From what I am understanding, you're creating a set of idents for ITV to either replace the current set (ITV Creates) or to try and recreate them? Please do correct me if I am wrong.

The project is titled ‘ITV Creates’ and I wrongly assumed that everyone would understand what that meant, but to be clear… this how ITV describe what 'ITV Creates' is:

“Every week new idents will be showcased, with a different interpretation of our logo created by a wide range of British artists. All of the work is influenced by ITV, our programmes or the artist’s personal relationship with ITV and television itself.”

My personal relationship with ITV began when it was a network of regional companies all with their own logos and idents. I loved all the different identities and the fact that they indicated the programme i was about to watch was being beamed from wherever the company was in the country. ‘History in motion’ (for that is the title of this project) beams interpretations of some of those idents on to the modern day ITV logo. The historical identities are in the background, with ITV standing out, basking in its history.

I have to ask myself, "could I see this on television?" and the answer, in this case, would be "no". It looks to me more as if the type of thing you have created may have been an example played to ITV to sell them the concept of ITV creases, rather than as a finished product, a bit like a moving mood board.

There is no doubt that it looks pretty challenging to have created what you have and I know that I wouldn't even know where to start if I was trying to recreate it but while it is tough, from my point of view reminds me of a more advanced (moving) version of something created in Google Sketchup.

I mock purely for my own and other TVForumers' enjoyment and amusement. Sadly, I have neither the money or resources to carve an actual 3d logo, hire a studio, equipment and crew to create a ‘tv ready’ version of this concept. So rather than not try I used the resources available to me.

I may be completely missing what you are aiming for with this design and therefore viewing it from the wrong perspective but I don't really think this is good enough to be shown on television or as good as the ITV Creates idents we have to date and so can therefore only give it a 3/5 at best.

You are, of course, fully entitled to your opinion. Thank you for taking the time to post your views. Smile
Even if he is so wrong.
Hi Pip2,

Thank you for taking the time to explain your concept again as it's helped me to understand more what you were going for with it - I do like the idea of your concept and think it would work really nicely. It's a good way to reflect the history of ITV.

I mock purely for my own and other TVForumers' enjoyment and amusement. Sadly, I have neither the money or resources to carve an actual 3d logo, hire a studio, equipment and crew to create a ‘tv ready’ version of this concept. So rather than not try I used the resources available to me.

It's fantastic that people have a place to showcase mocks and I know that I (and many others) enjoy looking through them. I do completely understand this and I think my confusion with the mock came as some people don't necessarily depend on a studio for their designs and are instead based on on-screen-graphics with clever transitions or idents which feature stock footage with a logo design on top. Many of these are what I would call 'TV-ready' and I wasn't sure if with this mock you were trying to make something that could be shown on TV. However, I now understand that your video is more to show your idea and what could be created if you had access to a studio etc. Apologies that I didn't understand this from your original post!

Again, many thanks for taking the time to explain this in more detail.

Even if he is so wrong.

I'm not sure whether this is directed towards me, but I feel that part of the interesting thing about design is that it is very subjective and what one person can love another can hate. I gave my honest opinions based on what I understood of the original concept and feel that thanks to the follow up post from pip2 I now better understand it.
Ne1L C
Superb. Any tips on how to do a good mock?
Neil Jones Founding member
Superb. Any tips on how to do a good mock?

Like anything else in life, practice and learn how to use your equipment properly.

You don't get good at the keyboard by just buying one, bashing all the keys in a random order and then wondering why it sounds like a cat being strangled. You learn music theory, you learn to read music notation, you learn the chords, the keys, etc - and then you practice for umpteen hours a day until you know what all the options and the settings do on your keyboard. Then you might have some idea of what sounds good when you concoct a tune of your own, as you'll make a load of crap ones along the way.

Likewise you don't get good at a mock by obtaining a copy of Adobe Creative Effects or whatever and installing it on your computer. As you learn how to use your software you'll make crap mocks, really crap mocks and on bad days mocks that are so bad they make CWilliams look decent in comparison. And then you eventually figure out what you're doing and improve from there.

TL;DR - Don't run before you can walk.
Ne1L C
Very true. My issue is one of concentration. I'm on the autistic spectrum which mean that focusing is very difficult. Likewise the tutorials I have found are on the whole youtube based. Flicking between YT and AE etc causes me to get pretty wound up (I have bought though the latest edition of Adobe's AE Classroom in a book which I recommend although with the provision that when you're using It there's no external distraction).

I said in a previous post on a sticky that it would be in my opinion a boost to all mockers if there was some kind of tutorial database. Not just books but also online tutorials (my personal preference are text based).

A third matter is one which may or will call ructions but I have to get it off my chest. There is a small but rather nasty sub-grouping of posters who seem intent on not offering constructive criticism but just slagging people off.

Trolls are one way of describing them. I have another word beginning with T that describes them.

I'm currently experimenting with Google Earth Studio. Its a good piece of software (NB can only be used on Chrome and its wise not to have any other programs running otherwise the rendering will be stopped)

This post will probably get me into trouble and may even get me kicked but I have to make my feelings clear

From one Neil to another. Thank you
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What an outstanding piece of work pip2. ITV would be proud of you if this was sent to their creative department.

17 days later

pip2 posted:
A few years back I mocked a set of regional ITV idents, replacing the original station logo with the 2013 ITV logo. Bit bored (there's nothing on the telly!) so I thought I'd reimagine it in the style of an 'ITV Creates' type thing. No sticky-backed plastic, leaves or ping pong balls were harmed in the making of this project.

i like it! what song is used?

8 days later

harshy Founding member
Love it what software is needed?
er... these ones
er... these ones

In fairness, if you use the mobile site that information isn't shown.
Fair enough, I suppose. Apologies.

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