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Anglia (East) Look East
I get why the branding seems inconsistent, I'm trying more to create consistency across genres rather than channels. Not all of these logos are necessarily channels, Buzz could be a showbiz update like FYI Daily. ITV Cinema/Drama would likely be a sting that plays before movies or dramas on all channels.

With the fonts, ideally I would have additional fonts based on the main ITV Reem font, i.e. a condensed version, a serif version, a rounded version etc. BBC and Sky already doing that. You could still do different fonts for the logos but use ITV Reem on everything else, see ITV2/Be in the video.

I did do a logo for CITV, but it's just 'c' attached to 'itv' in the same font style, haven't gone any further with it yet.

Someone asked about font names:

Buzz/Be - Magallanes ExtraBold
Drama/Cinema - Eldwin Script Heavy
Sport/Box Office - Rift
Weather/News/Life - Geomanist
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