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You're effectively designing a logo. A logo needs to look good in print, on screen and in motion. If your logo doesn't look good in a simulated end slide of a title sequence, it's not going to suddenly look good with some animation. A good pencil + paper logo will look far better than any hastily thrown together animation.

As it stands, your logo looks like a poor imitation of the current one. You said you were trying to take it in a modern 'flat' direction, but you've now added loads of gradients and borders - it looks nothing like modern 'flat' design, and not as good as the old 3D version.

TLDR; get the basics right before worrying about how it will be animated.
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Dosent look that nice.

The sort of thing you could've gone for, it's not the finished article but it's a starting point:

Lol, when you post something on The Gallery and contribute to TV Forum then we can talk. You joined over a year ago.

I never said it was nice, I even said it’s not the finished article, it’s just giving him inspiration. Which 7 people gave me kudos for and will help Owen to improve.

He was only giving his opinion mate. I've seen the replies you used to leave to those who criticised your mocks, underneath your old YouTube channel. I'll leave it at that.
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