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Looking at a few tutorials (February 2020)

Bail Moderator Meridian (South) South Today
I actually made a mock of that very thing, I can't find it right now other than on the tv screen here:


Good news, you can do it all in AE. Bad news, you doing to need to learn alot about nesting compositions, nulls and 3d space. Try some youtube basics and go from there.
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Neil Jones Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
With respect I have listened dosxuk has in his reply captured what I have been trying to say. It’s not the tools themselves it’s breaking it down into manageable chunks for me.

With regard to being spoon fed surely that’s the point of the tutorial books and multiple guides online

You’re right about one thing I am investing more energy into asking instead of doing.

So if you are listening why are you not doing? This is classic procrastination right here. Yes break it down into chunks but that doesn't change the fundamental point I and probably others keep banging on about.

There's a difference between being spoon fed the way you've asked about it and being spoon fed from a tutorial. A tutorial is only designed to get you up to speed on something or specific elements, it's not going to make you an expert overnight - I've never used After Effects which is why I'm not making any specific comments on it but I get the impression it's a powerful piece of software if you know how to use it properly.

I get the impression that what you want is for somebody to say oh click on this, that and the other to do that.
Bail Moderator Meridian (South) South Today

Download Project File

Ok I spent 10 minutes knocking this up, its the basics of the animation and layering so you can explore and get an idea how it works. To fully understand it look into After Effect codes (I've used a simple code to make the animation move forever, you can use key frames). Look into nulls and how they can be used to animate objects. Layer masking (how I've done the colour) and how I've nested a 3D comp into a 2D one to make the background etc.
Ne1L C Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Thanks so much. I’ll look at it tomorrow😁

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