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I don’t mean to be rude but you’ve already started several threads asking for mocking advice. All we can do is tell you the same things again, other than downright saying go to Google and find tutorials that you can work off.
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I think I've said this before in more detail so I'll do a TL;DR here:

Walk before running. Learn your software. Make mocks that are so crap they make Cwilliams look genuine. This is how we learn by making a right hash of things either through software limitations or user inexperience. Quite simply (and this isn't specifically aimed at the OP) if you're not going to learn your software and your own methods and want to improve, then don't make any at all. Simple as.
Ne1L C1,560 posts since 11 Sep 2011
Right. This is what I want to do:

Create a 3d rotating transparent cube mock ident in the style of the ITV Schools on Channel 4 (in case anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about or anyone who lives outside the UK then here is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeRetHcktXM)

I have the following software
Adobe After Effects CC 2019
iMovie 10.1.12

The channel name or logo would start in the middle of the screen ,will then be encased within the cube and will rotate a'la the BBC globe.

Starting from first priciples which tools would I need to master first?

Please understand that i am starting from scratch and will need a hell of a lot of guidance.
Thank You in advance.
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Don't worry about tools to start with.

First step is to break the problem into chunks. You may well find different software is needed for different elements in the final composition. Then think about what goes into each of those chunks, and keep going until you've got a list of small steps.

Example with your cube, questions to ask are: does it repeat? If so, how often? Well, if you consider the whole element, it takes about a minute to repeat, but if you break it down into 4 separate ITV logos, they repeat 4 times per rotation. The colour on top could be done as a hue rotation effect on a finished rendering of the 4 logos, running at a different rate to the rotation of the logos. So you go from a really long sequence with a long render time to something only 2 seconds long.
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Ne1L C1,560 posts since 11 Sep 2011
First of all thanks for your reply. There will be one ident (and before anyone complains it will be the ABC triangle because of all the logos I've looked at it is the easiest to manipulate as far as I can see). The ident will be "trapped" by the enclosing sides of the cube)

The cube will rotate through at least 5 full 360 degree resolutions (although that may change) and the ident will be at least 30 seconds (although again this may alter)

In terms of text it will be minimal and may consist of indicators for Subtitles (888) and stereo. The ident will be the focus.
Neil Jones6,158 posts since 23 Dec 2001
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I'm going to sound frightfully rude here so please don't take anything of what you're about to read the wrong way.

You need to start small. Rather than constantly posting about "how do I do this, that and the other" here and complaining that you "need" guidance, you need more self discipline because you. Need. To learn. How to use. Your software. Nobody can teach you how to do an ITV Schools on Channel 4 rotating cube if you haven't a clue how to set the software up or how to do the basics on it. You don't go to your first driving lesson and immediately go flying down the M4 at 70mph (which is actually illegal but that's not the point).

Enid Blyton didn't hone her literacy talents overnight and I dare say she both did a load of really crap early work before she was successful, indeed her manuscripts had been rejected by publishers on many occasions, which only made her more determined to succeed: "it is partly the struggle that helps you so much, that gives you determination, character, self-reliance – all things that help in any profession or trade, and most certainly in writing".

So what I am saying is: Stop asking to be spoon fed in how to use After Effects and iMovie. Feed yourself instead. You learn more that way. With respect, how many more times do you need to be told this? If you put half as much effort into learning your software as you put into asking on here for "guidance", you could be further down the After Effects road by now than you are. Practice.

I hate writing posts like this but I don't think you've listened to a single word of what was given to you in your other "help me" threads. So please forgive the tone of this post but, well if you're not going to listen now then I doubt you ever will. Sorry but that's the impression I have.
Ne1L C1,560 posts since 11 Sep 2011
With respect I have listened dosxuk has in his reply captured what I have been trying to say. It’s not the tools themselves it’s breaking it down into manageable chunks for me.

With regard to being spoon fed surely that’s the point of the tutorial books and multiple guides online

You’re right about one thing I am investing more energy into asking instead of doing.