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What if Granada bought all their companies by 1991?

(June 2019)

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Larry the Loafer
Try not take this one too seriously. I really needed to occupy myself with something on this very boring Sunday afternoon.

Let's imagine the ITV regions didn't have to wait until 1994 to merge with other companies. Let's imagine Granada got very greedy and very impatient and bought all the companies they'd end up owning just in time for their new "stripe" identity to launch. Let's imagine Meridian took over TVS by 1991 because I couldn't find a decent PNG image of the TVS logo.

Now let's imagine Granada decided to get their subsidiaries to adopt the stripe as part of their new GMG family identity...

Sorry about the looping clip of Colin Weston. I couldn't find a jingle any cleaner.
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all new Phil
Interesting idea. Some clearly work better than others - Anglia and Yorkshire work particularly well.

Technically more challenging but I bet this idea would work well with the 3D look Granada had a few years later.
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Larry the Loafer
Hopefully somebody with better 3D skills than me can bring that to life.
Back when ITV's schedule was filled with non-stop Gulf War updates.
Tim Goodwin1
Yorkshire's chevron would be better in yellow
Tim Goodwin1
overall good. Maybe you could do Carlton buying central and westcountry too or even Thames buying them if they won the 1991 franchise
Interesting. Hard to judge this era in hindsight as at the time it seemed so bland compared to Central but I love the simplicity of it now.
Ne1L C
How did you do it?
harshy Founding member
It can be done in Adobe Premiere I think.
Ne1L C
How about after effects?
Definitely - it's all about the timing of the different layers.
Larry the Loafer
I used Photoshop to create a stripe with a similar gradient, added the logos with a gradient overlay, and pieced it together in AE like dbl says.

Not the most advanced tutorial in the world but there you go.
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